Against a wall? 

For those of you who have taken the route from Compass to Cherry Lake in the Kawartha Highlands, you will have literally hit a stone wall.
Just after a rather large beaver dam you will come to a large stone wall and the 15m portage around it. Around 10 feet tall in some spots and over 200 feet long. Now I’m sure you came to the same conclusion we did. Beavers had enough of people wrecking their dams so they decided to upgrade material. Surprisingly you’d be wrong.
After the trip DJ messaged one of his contacts at KHPP. Here is what we were told.
The rock wall was built many,many years ago when there was still logging in the park. It was used to raise and lower the water levels to allow logs to be floated down the lake/stream. To the many lumber mills that were located in the area (Buckhorn, Lakefield ect)

Now while this isn’t nearly as awe inspiring as boulder carrying beavers. It’s still a pretty amazing feat considering the amount of stone and the effort it would of taken to build the wall.

Just another little piece of history left for us to discover. The parks systems and surrounding areas are full of discoveries like this. Next time you’re out on a trip keep your eyes peeled you never know what you’ll run into.
-Paddle In

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