Nothing better than seeing the water at the end of the portage. Legs aching, back a little sore. You place the canoe down and sit back to have a nice sip of cool refreshing water. 

That’s when it happens. You remember that you had been fishing this morning at your site. In your rush to get packed for that day it’s still resting on the white pine near the shore. What do you do? 

Some people would leave it and try to retrieve it on the return trip. If you’re us you redo the portage, paddle back to your site and sheepishly retrieve your fishing rod. Luckily it wasn’t to far back. 

What’s the farthest you’ve had to backtrack on a trip. Was it because you had forgotten something? Took the wrong route?
I’d like to state that I’ve only done this once, but I’d be lying 😉

One Comment on “Portaging 

  1. Ahhh, the pains of a long portage.

    I’ve never had to backtrack on an adventure, but only because my dad saved me from it. On a long weekend bowhunting adventure, my buddy and I drove deep into the mountains, struck camp, and headed out for an afternoon of scouting. On our return, my bow was laying inside my tent with a note from my dad reading, “You left this at the house. Thought you might need it.”

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