Molasses through a sieve 


Why is it the day before a trip seems to flow like molasses through a sieve?

We’ll off bright and early tomorrow to head up to the Kawartha Highlands. Couple bonuses about this trip. First my wife will be accompanying me . Andy has taken a new job and so his tripping time is limited this year. So because my wife is such an amazing person she’s made herself available for a bunch of trips. Whether she’ll still be as optimistic at the end of the season is yet to be seen.
Secondly our stalwart canoe dog Whisky is finally back in action and ready for his first trip in our new canoe. He’ll be with us the majority of trip this year. He’s amazing in the boat and great company on a trip.
Thirdly we’ll be meeting up with our good friend DJ whose enthusiasm for the Kawartha Highlands is unmatched. Though his taste in music and bandanas is questionable 😉 .
Bug jackets packed and cameras charged the only real question is “will I get any work done today” 
-Paddle In


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