Portaging. Some trips you barely notice them and some trips feel as if they’ll never stop. Some are as flat and straight as a road and some have you feeling as if you’re summiting Everest. During the spring they become havens for our nemesis the black fly and mosquito. In summer they can provide much needed shade from the blazing sun.

A great place to take a breather, have a snack and check out your surroundings.

We often times take for granted the beauty around us as we trudge through the mud and and clamber over dead falls, and swat away at the bugs.

They are a place to run into old acquaintances and new friends. A place to rethink that gym membership or two donuts you had before you left the put in. To chat, sing or reflect. While some may see them as a simple way to get from point a to point b. Others will see them as an integral part of building the canoeing experience. 

All that said though there is one thing everyone can agree on. When walking the final stretch of the portage and we see the glint of water in the distance. With our final destination in sight doesn’t that canoe suddenly feel twenty pounds lighter? 

What’s your most memorable portage?


-Paddle In

One Comment on “Portaging.

  1. My best portage was when I did my first trip through with the canoe solo. Had always either carried the gear or carried a canoe tandem. It was quite empowering and a very unique experience that I can’t wait to do again soon.

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