End of day one

Okay back to the trip. The walk in was made easier by the packed down trail. It had some pretty heavy snowmobile usage. This had us worried that we’d be having to listen to them all weekend but we didn’t see a single machine the whole time we were out.

We soon passed the stream/creek that the The Passionate Paddler had recently camped at. Talk of your photos from day one came up and if you compare our photos of the trail and yours, it’s worth a chuckle ( they are night and day)

Shortly after that we found the turn off to Coffee Lake. The tent was well stocked with wood from the previous campers. They had also augured a hole in the ice which was easily uncovered. Andy questioned whether we were camping or “glamping” based on how easy it was to get here and how little we had to do to set up. As if nature was listening the wind picked up, the clouds rolled in and it began to snow.

The rest of the day was filled with splitting firewood and getting camp set up to our liking. A dinner of SPAM ( don’t hate ) and chicken soup had both of us settling down for bed around 6:30. While not the hardest day we had both been up for hours. Leaving Guelph at four am, that sleep soon found all three of us ( whisky was beat ) snoring away on the shore of Coffee Lake.

Thanks for reading lots more to come this week folks. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the winter weather.


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