Back out

This past trip is one we’ll remember for a while. It had everything a good trip should have, plus a few twists and turns.

So let’s start at the beginning. Thursday morning we arrived at Algonquin Basecamp just as the sun was creeping over the horizon. We met up with Chris and chatted a good portion of the morning away. We left shortly before ten, maps in hand and ready to get on the trail.

The walk into Coffee lake is interesting. You park about three kilometres from the trailhead and walk the logging road. Fortunately the roads are cleared for the logging trucks. Unfortunately they are also sanded. Three kilometres of dragging a pulk on sand does a number on the bottom of your sled. Andy’s sled suffered the worst by far. Luckily we reached the turnoff very quickly and were soon on our way with only soft snow under our sleds and a bright sun and blue sky above us.

Our spirits were high as we cruised up and down hills. Hard not to have a smile on your face with great weather and a well beaten trail.

Okay we’ll stop here for today lots more to come this week. Hope everyone had a great week/weekend.

-Paddle In

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