Fire, Fire Everywhere


There is something very satisfying about stomping off into the bush, carrying back some small twigs or and getting ready to start a fire. The feeling of your hard work paying off into warmth, and the ability to cook, is pretty amazing.


Most of the time when we go into the bush, we bring a variety of fire lighting tools, and ways to light even the most stubborn fires. This isn’t your daddy’s newspaper and matches situation (although that can work too).


Usually, a lighter (or multitudes of them) is always at hand, but if not, there are waterproof matches, we also have a flint and steel. We use quite a few store bought and homemade fire starters. You can see a previous blog we wrote about how to make your own.


Did you know that you can use hand sanitizer as a way to get your fires going? Try it for yourself next time. The sanitizer burns long, clear and very hot. How about Fritos corn chips? Crayons? And finally, nothing beats the natural route with a handful of dried pine needles.


We have found that a key to success in any fire building is preparation. Make sure you have all your tinder, kindling and slightly thicker branches close by and ready to go so that when you do have a flame, you can help it grow and feed it until it’s a nice and toasty fire. If anyone has any other questions on how we get our fires going, feel free to comment or drop us a line. We would love to help! Now break out those marshmallows and hot dogs, cozy up with a blanket and get those fires going.


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