Canoe to Catfish and back.

Earlier in the summer I had the chance to bring my younger brother out with me on an eight day trip. Which took us from Canoe Lake to Catfish Lake and back in Algonquin Park.


Chris isn’t the most avid paddler. But he was determined to get out and have a great time. Which in the end, though soaked and sore, we did.


I mentioned soaked. Why? Because it rained on us everyday. Not a day passed without us receiving at least a few hours of rain. It rained so much some days that we were in the tent and sleeping around 4-5 pm. On the bright side we were up at the crack of dawn and on the water taking advantage of the calm mornings.


The amount of moose witnessed on this trip was insane. 20+ moose! Calves, cows and big bulls around every bend. Even a surly bull on a portage along the Pet. He blocked our way for about fifteen minutes until finally moving on his way.



Barely a soul was in sight the whole trip. It made for a great, quiet week. It wasn’t until the last day on our way out when we started to run into a steady stream of paddlers heading into the park for their own adventure.



The sun finally made it’s debut on the final day. Drying us out and allowing to make one final stop.



On Canoe lake we stopped and beached our canoe, went for a short hike and spent some time at the grave site of Tom Thomson. If you haven’t visited the old Mowatt cemetery make sure you take some time on your next paddle on Canoe Lake. It was definitely a great way to end our trip.

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