Where’s the off switch.


Okay so we are playing super catch up when it comes to blog posts. My computer has been out of commission for almost two weeks now. Technology *shakes fist* it’s much simpler to just be out and about with a canoe and paddle.

Today’s blog is from the taller half of Paddle In and as it was explained to me is more of a personal confession. So without further ado, here’s Andy.


” Where’s the off switch?

If you are anything like me, you are probably reading this blog on your phone, or tablet. You are multi-tasking texting, browsing Facebook and updating your twitter or Instagram all while constantly checking who is doing what, and what interesting things are going on in the world. It may be my generation, or it could be a personal thing, but I am fairly reliant on technology and the constant connection that it grants me. On one hand, this is a great thing, because it allows me to always be accessible by my friends, or work, and afford me the ability to stay abreast of the latest world news, but it also has a dark side. It can lead to stressing about who is contacting you, or who isn’t, and the question of “why aren’t they looking at their phone like I am?”


Before our most recent outing, I was struggling with this feeling of anxiety with regards to the connections and interactions through my phone and it isn’t something that is enjoyable to feel. Have you ever experienced the phantom vibrate? Where you are almost positive that you can feel your phone going off, only to discover that you were imagining it? It’s a real thing… look it up. All I knew is that I couldn’t wait to get into the bush, so that I would be forced to unplug from the “network” and not be able to be in contact.


For many of us, this is a big perk of why we do the things we do, and why we spend time in the wilderness, in order to be alone with our thoughts and not have the distractions of the modern world bogging us down. For me, it really is an escape. A full week being alone with my thoughts and seeing things that you would never see with your phone in your hand will change your perspective on things. The smallest insect climbing a tree, or an osprey hovering high in the sky only to dive into the water and emerge triumphantly carrying a large pike, are images that cannot be replaced by any technology. It is amazing how you are able to function fully, and be more happy when you have no technology to distract you, the awe and wonder of the natural world isn’t fleeting like a picture you scroll past, you are in it, surrounded by it and living it. It is the only way to truly unplug. After this realization, and having the time to appreciate the world around you, when you finally crawl out of the bush, covered in bug bites, smelling like sweat, smoke and bug spray, you are a happier person. At least I am. The same worries that were there before are largely gone as things don’t seem quite as important anymore compared to the beauty you had just experienced.


If you ever find yourself a little too connected, and need to get away, there is something to be said for going where there is no signal, no Wi-Fi, and no radio. The ability of our society to be comfortable being alone with their thoughts is something that I notice younger generations struggling with. I think we could all benefit from a little break. To just reaching for that off switch and really paying attention to everything that nature has to offer. I promise, the memories will be better; you will be more entertained, the sound will be clearer, the picture more high def and you will feel more connected to the natural world than any app could make you feel.”




Plenty more slated for the blog withing the next few days. We have a variety of trip logs and a few reviews. Also a couple of guest posts will be coming our way soon.

Till then #getoutside and enjoy the world around you.

Paddle In



2 Comments on “Where’s the off switch.

  1. Great post! I’m feeling far too connected these days and can’t wait to go up north in a few weeks where the cell reception is nonexistent.


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