The Massasauga Provincial Park- A Photo Blog

Okay we’ve been super busy and I’ve been slacking on the blog front. This will all change as I’ve just finished writing up 15, that’s right count them, 15 different blogs. To get everything started I’d like to post a small photo blog on our recent trip into The Massasauga Provincial Park.

The Massasauga is a small back country,canoe in only park, located outside of Parry Sound. With a system of inland lakes and campsites as well as sites available along the Georgian Bay shore. There are some great sites available and some beautiful scenery.

You like fishing? The Massasauga has always been good to us when it comes to bass and pike fishing with numerous bays and inlets just waiting for a surface lure or two.

Wildlife viewing? My first bald eagle photo was at The Massasauga. It’s a great area to catch a glimpse of some of Ontario’s rarer reptiles as well the Five lined skink and The Massasauga Rattlesnake both make the park their homes.

Also I find due to the small size its a great for beginners who are just getting into back country camping. Each site has great tent pads, a picnic table and a nice fire grate.

So get the canoe on the car/truck. Pack those paddles and fill the food barrel. Get outisde and check out The Massasuaga Provincial Park.

If you have any questions about the park our routes please feel free to contact us.


Paddle In



Kids are ready off we go.


Relaxing and having a snack after one of the portages.


View of our site on Canoe Lake


Canoe Lake


Canoe Lake


Relaxing while tied up on shore.


Whiskey is turning into a fantastic camp dog.


My favorite trip partners.


Canoe Lake run off




“Not all who wander are lost.”


Checking out the area




7 Comments on “The Massasauga Provincial Park- A Photo Blog

  1. Hello!

    Was wondering if you would happen to know when the leaves start changing colour up there at Massassauga park? We have booked a short weekend camping engagement shoot for Sept 13/14 and was hoping for some great colors…!



  2. HI! My name is Christina and I am heading to the Massassauga in a few weeks to do my first solo backcountry trip by kayak. I have never been to the Massassauga and was wondering if you could give me any tips as to what would be a good site to stay at? I don’t want to paddle in too far, but would rather explore via day tripping. I am also wondering if you know if there is cell service there? Any suggestions information advice you are willing to offer would be greatly appreciated! thanks so very much!

    Liked by 1 person

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