Grand River Parks Membership


Just a quick blog for those in The Grand River area or those who visit it frequently.

The GRCA has revamped the membership this year. Instead of the car sticker it comes in the form of a card. We feel as this is an excellent change for a few reasons.


1)Those folks with multiple vehicles aren’t stuck having to use the car with the sticker on it

2)The ability to hop in another persons car with your card and still get into the park.

We will definitely be using a lot more than we normally did because of these changes.

So some of you may not be familiar with the GRCA membership card so I’ll do a brief run through. The card will run you 125.00 taxes in at any GRCA gatehouse or online. Having the card on your person allows you and anyone in your car unlimited day use access to 11 Grand River parks.

You also receive a series of coupons with your card

1) 2 hour canoe/kayak rental for the price of a 1 hour rental

2) Free Cross country ski/ snowshoe rental

3) Free tubing equipment rental

4) You get two, one day passes for friends and neighbors

5) Ten pool passes

For those of you who frequent the parks its a great way to support the parks and to motivate yourself to get outside a little more.

But wait what is there to do at any of these GRCA parks? Well to start the GRCA has some of the best fishing,paddling opportunities in the area. How about camping, hiking, picnicking, sailing, group event areas, boat rentals, swimming (either river,lake, or pool). Plus they always have events going on all through the year.

Follow these links for more information

1) Belwood Lake – Located in Fergus

2) Brant – Located west of Brantford

3) Byng Island – Located west of Dunnhill

4) Conostogo Lake – Located in Wallenstein

5) Elora Gorge – Located in Elora

6) Elora Quarry – Located in Elora

7) Guelph Lake – Located in Guelph

8) Laurel Creek – Located in Waterloo

9) Luther Marsh – Located in Grand Valley

10) Pinehurst Lake – Located in Ayr

11) Rockwood – Located in Rockwood

12) Shade’s Mill – Located in Cambridge

So what are you waiting for? Get out for a paddle! Get those fishing rods out and hunt down some trout this spring. Grab the family and go for a nice day hike. We love the GRCA and all it has to offer and hope you get out an experience at least a little of what they have to offer Ontario.


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