CANOE! The story of a long drive and two very sore arms.


When you were a kid and there was road trip or long Sunday drive how did you pass the time?  Car games right? Who can spot the different license plate, the numbers game, name that animal. Of course you did. We did with our siblings. Well 4 years ago my wife and I on a long drive to Algonquin came up with a great car game that especially heats up during the summer.

Before I get to the rules can I cannot stress enough that you shouldn’t be distracting your driver. Leave them alone play safe and be safe on the roads folks.

Okay here are the rules.

1) Spot a canoe on top of a car, truck ,or in backyard

2) Be the first to yell “canoe” and call out the color.

3)While shouting punch the closest person in the arm

4) Now if you call out canoe and can’t name the color someone gets a free shot, if you mistake a boat or kayak for a canoe and shout out prematurely that’s a free shot.

Okay,okay not really much a game right? Try it out, I dare you. Its ridiculously addicting. We have friends who aren’t even canoe enthusiasts who cannot wait for spring so they can be the first to strike and take revenge for sore arms of seasons past. I have friends who won’t ride in the car with me because I’m always the first to see the canoe.

Now after a five hour drive during the peak of cottage and camping season we both had extremely sore arms. We even called a cease fire through Barrie as I felt my arm was going to fall off.

The reason I’m writing this blog is a) its Friday and everyone needs a chuckle and b) I just witnessed my 2 year old son lean over in the backseat and rap his sister in the arm all the while yelling “CANOE!!!”

( Before people start sending me angry emails about senseless violence. The hitting can replaced by a simple points system. But really where’s the fun in that 😛 )



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