Oh the things you can miss with a canoe on your head.

Oh the things you can miss with a canoe on your head. Sounds like a Dr Suess book doesn’t it.

When we portage we often take for granted our surroundings as we trudge ahead eyes peeled for open water. Some of us grunt and groan, others are forever lost in silent contemplation of why they are undertaking this portage in the first place. Some even race ahead looking to prove their prowess and vigor as they blast through the portage loaded down with canoe and pack.

But guys what could we be missing? The answer is simple. Everything.

How about the little garter snake that that was sliding through the grass in search of food?


Insignificant when carrying a canoe on your head?

Or the old access road that can just be made out through the bush? The only true sign is the 4×4 with road crossing stamped across it.

095 096

A section of river hidden by a few evergreens.

Biggar Lake Algonquin

Or an old bridge. Okay , Okay it’d be next to impossible not to notice this right?



How about a campsite? Not the most secluded site we’ve ever stayed on (man was that long grass comfy to sleep on though) but a late put in had us camping on a portage campsite on our way to Biggar Lake.


How about an epic fishing spot beside a gorgeous waterfall? Not including photos of this one. It’s ours (as well as probably a few others) hidden gem.

The moose standing off to your left lazily munching away and watching these weird canoe headed people walk through his backyard. Not to mention the gray jays and red squirrels who would gladly relieve you of a few handfuls or GORP if you decided to share.

The black flies and mosquitoes dancing around your head, getting in your nose, and ears and mouth…. maybe not the best example 🙂

141 105


Take your time. Explore your surroundings. Enjoy yourself.

Oh think of all the things you “can” see with a canoe on your head.



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