The itch.

The itch. That nagging little feeling a lot of you have right now. Just can’t put your finger on it but it won’t go away. Sure a few day paddles here and there make it go away. But then the next day it’s back. It’s getting uncomfortable now isn’t it? I mean there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow. When will it end? How will we soldier through? Will we make it?


Of course we’ll make it, we always do, its the same old ice out blues we experience each year. I guess we’ll just continue doing what we always do. Plan and prepare maybe throw in a little pleading with mother nature as well.


The last few weeks before ice out feel like an eternity for a lot of paddlers. We’re all waiting for that first trip. Many of us already have the May 24 weekend marked on our calendars as first trip of the year. Then there are the few who try to push the boundaries (weather permitting) and get out into our provincial parks systems as early as possible.


We have a few trips planned for May. The way the weather is going right now at least one of them may be a hiking trip (say it ain’t so). But it’s the excitement and thought of these that keep us moving forward.

river paddle 2

The one good thing about being landlocked is it has allowed us to work on some new content for everyone and start upgrading our online presence. That being said we have a few questions for everyone to help in the planning.

river paddle

Feedback can be sent to or Facebook

Is there anything specific you like to see written about this year? A certain destination, product review, subject tackled? We have a lot of blogs in the works as well as quite a few trips planned this year. But there is always room for more and if something has been on your mind and you’d like to chat about it drop us a line and lets get something going.

We’d love to hear from you




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