Is it spring yet?


I know I’ve asked the question many times this winter. But really is it spring yet? Is it? How much longer do I have to wait?

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Truth is we’ve actually been having a blast this winter. We’ve been working really hard to improve our new website, work on our social media and plan trips and routes for this year. All the while snowshoeing, snowshoeing and more snowshoeing. We’re pretty excited to see what everyone has to say about all the new content and we can’t thank all of our followers,subscribers,friends enough. You have made this venture so rewarding.

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We’re 8 days out from a snowshoeing trip into the Western Uplands Backpacking trail. We’ve hooked up with Algonquin Basecamp and rented a very nice Snowtrekker tent. I’m really excited to get back out there but to also try out all the cool gear we have had lying around the Paddle In house. Jackets,gloves, pants, headlamps ect ect. Just all kinds of neat stuff.

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We’re also stoked to attend the Sportsman Show in Toronto on Feb 6th-9th  and the Outdoor Adventure Show Feb 21st-23rd. We’ve already planned to meet up with a few friends to plan trips for this year. Let us know when you’re going and we can do coffee, or beer 🙂

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Well that’s it till we return on Feb 4th. We’ll have lots of pics and video.  Have fun this winter and make sure to pop by one of our pages and share some wintery photos!


5 Comments on “Is it spring yet?

  1. Great article! Can’t wait to see your return pictures! Too bad I’m so busy right now and your departure is so close. Maybe next time I’ll send you a blade to torture test for us ;-). Take care, safe travels and God speed.



    • Thanks! We’d be more than happy,stoked,pumped, to help torture test one of your blades. Anytime man. Thanks for commenting and making twitter a much more enjoyable experience.


  2. It’s most definitely spring. I’ve already had to fertilize my garden, the tulips are three inches above the ground and several other flowers are following suit. It’s sunny and in the mid 50s. There’s bird song. The days are much much longer.

    Truth is I’m kind of jealous to see that you got a winter! I bought ski boots this year, but the snow never came.


    • As much as we like to complain about winter, we do have an awful lot of fun during it.

      Though I have to say I am jealous of your weather as it would mean a lot more paddling time and more vegetable garden time.



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