Dashing through the snow


So the guys are gathering up gear and making preparations for our winter walk in trip on the 31st. Here are a few photos from Pete as he was piecing together a DIY Pulk (sled) .

Here’s what he had to say about this project.


“Well it took about two hours. It’s pretty straightforward as long as you go at it slowly and steadily. The sled cost me $50 and the hardware about $30. The waist belt is borrowed of one of my canoe packs. We’ll see how it all functions on the trip. It’s got to be a huge improvement on hand pulling and hopefully gives more control going downhill. Next on the list is some side support straps for the load itself.”

sled4 sled5 sled3

We’ll have a detailed step by step blog on how to put one of these together after the trip, as well a slew of gear reviews.

Until then thanks for reading and #GetOutside !


sled6 sled8 sled7



3 Comments on “Dashing through the snow

  1. You’ve inspired me to undertake a pulk project of my own. I pickup up a “Made In The USA” sled at Walmart yesterday. Nothing fancy but I can pull chainsaws and a days worth of supplies in it over the snow and ice this winter when the ground’s not frozen enough to drive on. Thanks!


    • Awesome! Make sure to share some photos with us on Twitter or Facebook. They are a great tool to have. We honestly use them mostly for carrying axes,chainsaws and firewood around the river property.

      Also if you ask my daughter, they are the only way to travel on winter hikes.



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