Take a moment


Take a moment, and picture this. You are sitting in the middle of a lake, the wind has died down and not a single ripple can be found on the water anywhere. The birds are chirping in the trees, and the wailing call of a loon can be heard off in the distance. As you cast out your fishing line, the only thing to break the silence is the plop of a lure hitting the water. You gently reel back your line, and take a deep breath.

andy fishing

For many people this is a perfect image and one that is easily attainable but often overlooked. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the middle of a lake, or even in a forest, but the chance to get outside, in nature and enjoy the quiet is something that should never be taken advantage of. Even though this time of year isn’t the most convenient for sitting in a boat in the middle of a lake, is doesn’t mean that you can’t find that peaceful moment. The winter affords us equally, many great opportunities to relish in the peace and quiet.


Given that the busy holiday season is fast approaching, and it becomes all too easy to get caught up in the day-to-day rat race, this is when it is the perfect time to stop and take a minute. It’s as easy as walking out your front door, to a nearby wood lot. Why not take a drive to a nearby provincial park, with a pocket full of bird seed? Why not grab a buddy and go snow shoeing or cross-country skiing? All these things are great ways to get out and enjoy the silence. I know it does wonders for me, and helps me recharge. You really can’t beat the peacefulness the outdoors has to offer, so go ahead, get outside and see for yourself, what a difference a little quiet can make.


3 Comments on “Take a moment

  1. You are so right! In fact, getting outside in winter is often MORE peaceful than any other time of year. The world smells, sounds and looks so different – even familiar trails become exciting new landscapes. That serenity can be so close to home – you just need to get out there!


  2. I totally agree Andy. Most people will look at the snow and freezing temps and wonder what could be so ‘relaxing’? All it takes is some know-how and preparation. Considering the craziness at this time of year, it is needed more than ever! Also agree with Gayle’s comment – I find the silence in the winter even more pervasive than in the summer.


    • Thanks David!
      Winter camping is a whole new experience. We have a bunch planned for this snowy season. Excited to see what you have in store as well.



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