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Andy blogs this week about a new piece of equipment he brought on our fall trip.  While I only used it a few times I can say it definitely helped us bush wack through Birchcliffe creek, and made quick work of the wood we brought back for evening/morning fires. The only downside I see with this saw is that it binds fairly easy. But with a little maneuvering it seems to make a great compromise for someone looking to go lightweight.


Every bushman has his tools that he takes into the wilderness with him, be it a small knife, machete,hatchet, saw, tomahawk, sling shot, or shotgun. One of the best parts about getting outside is testing and trying new gear to add to your arsenal. This season, I decided to leave my heavy, clumsy camping hatchet behind in exchange for a Meyerco folding saw. I chose to change it up because the hatchet just ended up being stuck in dead logs at different points around the site, not really doing much wood chopping.

     There are some pros to bringing a folding saw. This particular saw comes with a sheath that has a belt loop, so it can be worn, freeing up hands for firewood collection. It is somewhat compact, and definitely lighter than a hatchet or axe .  Its sharp teeth make some very quick work of some thicker branches. This made making manageable pieces of wood for the morning fires a piece of cake. Cut through fairly quickly and without much effort on my part.

I would say that the only downside that I saw with it would be the size limitations. Obviously a saw of this size is not able to saw very well through large logs without getting jammed up. With a little bit of maneuvering however, large logs were quickly cut through just enough that they could be snapped into more suitable sizes for any fire you are building.


I can say with a great amount of certainty, that for back woods trail blazing, or firewood collection, this has been a great addition to my toolkit. Its light weight, and durability will make it handy for many seasons to come. Its the closest I’ll come to being a beaver.


Company description from

“Features stainless steel blade that locks open and locks closed, special pattern for teeth allow it to cut through wood and bone, comfort grip rubber handle, and nylon sheath. Measures 15” overall. Limited forever warranty. Clamshell. ”

Weight- 0.61 lb.

Cost- $11.00 from

110045 130

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