If a tree falls…..twice? Part One


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On Wednesday October 9th we began our second annual fall paddle. Starting off in Cambridge Ontario, Peter and myself loaded the truck and headed off to Barrie to pick up the other member of our team,Andy. A few short hours later we were picking up our permits on Kaywawaymog. I had read there was a local outfitter who would let us park for a fee (20$),Cutting off about half of the lake. We arrived at Northern Wilderness Outfitters parked and were on our way by about 8:45 am.

A quick paddle along the shores of Kawawaymog leads you into the Amable Du Fond river. The river is small and winding. Grey jays followed us along the shore line as we leisurely paddled down the river. The beavers had been busy this year blocking the river in a few places. As we were paddling with the current the dams stood no chance against our loaded down Scott canoe.



A quick paddle interrupted  by two small portages, 135m and a 255m, later we were putting in at North Tea Lake. At the end of the 255m portage there is a memorial to park rangers Tom Wattie and Frank Robichaud. Frank Robichaud was caught in a blizzard and died on duty in the cabin on 3 Mile Lake.


North Tea is a long lake. Broken into two arms ,west and east, it measures around 11km. This makes for a long paddle. We planned to go all the way to the end of North Tea and camp on what we thought was a campsite beside the portage.

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The campsite ended up being a quarter of the way down the portage into Hornbeam Lake. Rough and unused don’t begin to describe the site. A very small clearing with enough space for two small tents,couple of logs on the ground made up the site for the night. Dinner was made stories were told and we turned in for the night getting ready for the paddle tomorrow.


Two small portages, 240m and a 90m, separated us from our final destination of Biggar lake. A very short paddle later we were arriving at one of the nicest campsites I’ve ever been to in Algonquin Park.


A huge site with plenty of space for multiple tents. Great fire pit area and a fantastic shoreline to fish,paddle from. We set up camp, gathered fire wood from a neighboring site and settled in for our three day stay at Biggar Lake.

Stay tuned more to come this week


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