MacGregor Point Provincial Park- A quick glance


Highlight of September for me was celebrating my wife’s birthday at MacGregor Provincial Park. The last time I had been to MacGregor was 10 years prior when I tricked my girlfriend (now wife) to spend a snowy,cold April weekend in the park. It was nice to come back and reminisce about old times,cold times and our general unpreparedness when we were younger. This time around we were accompanied by our three year old daughter turned super camper. We enjoyed each and every moment in the park and my wife rang in her 30th birthday drinking wine in the tent vestibule as the rain poured down on us. We couldn’t have been happier.


MacGregor Point sits on the shores of Lake Huron just a hop skip and a jump away from Port Elgin. A nice sized park which is open year round (we plan on going back this winter to take advantage of the yurts there) With nice private campsites and a variety of trails/beaches. Wildlife was very active in the park. Which seems to have a very healthy white tail population. There are a few benefits to coming out to MacGregor Point in the fall. First, no bugs. That is self explanatory. Second fall brings cool nights which ,for me , make some of the best sleeping conditions in the world. Third the color change that can be found in MacGregor Point PP or anywhere in Ontario for that matter is stunning in the fall. Go outside right now! I’m telling you it’s fantastic out there.


September was a busy month for us. Not a lot of paddling but definitely a lot of outdoors activity. We had quite a few weekend trips into a variety of provincial parks and we also participated in The Pinery 2013 Shoreline cleanup. More on that in another blog.

With winter quickly approaching we are going to make the most of the fall and try to cram in as much paddling as possible. A couple interior trips and a variety of sleepovers are planned for the month of October.

So get outside! Whether you go fishing,paddling,camping,hiking, the fall is gorgeous here in Ontario. Get outside and experience something.

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