A day at the Pinery


Quick sleepover at Pinery Provincial Park. My wife and children had never been here before so we decided to spend Sunday night and all day Monday exploring this amazing provincial park.

A little under two hours drive from Guelph we made it to the Pinery with plenty of time to set up. A nice night telling stories around the fire was followed by an unexpectedly cold sleep.

We woke early to get a good start on the day and wolfed down a great breakfast of eggs,bacon and beans.

First up was nice hike along one of the Pinery’s many trails. We decided on the Carolinian Trail (1.8 km). This trail is located in a floodplain forest dominated by Carolinian plants and animals that are at the northern extent of their range.

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After the trail we headed down to Lake Huron’s shore. A long sandy beach boxed in by rolling sand dunes is what we were met with. Now here is my only gripe about the park. There was garbage everywhere. Everywhere, I realize that the park staff could not possibly keep constant tabs on garbage blowing in off the lake. But pockets of beer bottles, pop cans and discarded clothing really put a damper on the day.

116 117 118 119 124 125 128 165 193 210 211

Garbage aside we had a very nice outing. We will definitely be booking again next season and we’ve decided to make  a week of it. I had gone to the Pinery with the goal of photographing a hognose snake. A snake which has eluded me for years. Unfortunately no snakes. Ah well, there is always next year. they can’t hide from me forever. 212 213 214 215 216 220 223 226

Many more photo blogs to come. We normally try to cram in as much camping/paddling as possible in the fall for a few reasons. First, fall colors in Ontario are gorgeous. Secondly, I go stir crazy in the winter from lack of paddling so I try to bank up as much as I can. And lastly, NO BUGS!

Hope you enjoyed the photos. more phots and stories can be found on our FaceBook Page –


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