Craigleith Provincial Park photo blog


This weekend we had the opportunity to spend some time at Craigleith Provincial Park. About an 1.5 hours from Guelph, Ont we made the drive in record time, hit the park and set up camp.


A great time was had late into the night swapping stories and playing with the kids. We had a wicked storm roll through about around five a.m on Saturday. Our new family tent was put to the test and passed with flying colors. In the morning  everyone was down at the shale beach looking for fossils and taking photographs.

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Great park, great weekend. Hope you enjoy the photos.


2 Comments on “Craigleith Provincial Park photo blog

  1. A shale beach doesn’t look great for swimming, but perfect for fossil hunting. A great way for the whole family to slow down a bit and explore their natural environment.


    • The no swimming part was helped along by the water being absolutely freezing! It was amazing to watch everyone from my youngest (20 months) to uncles (30) crawling around rocks and searching for fossils. Beats sitting at home by a longshot.


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