Another Food Review – Natural High Products

image…fresh pan fried Bannock…

imageOn our trip in August we thought we would review some of Natural High’s products. we chose them because they were the lowest in sodium. One of our favorite meals on the trip was Natural High’s country beef stew. The meal comes with separate mashed potatoes. The sauce and general taste was gentle and satisfying and this was a group favorite for sure. We added fresh onions, sweet peppers and mushrooms to it. Awesome meal! 4.5/5 was our overall group rating.

ImageOur first meal was the Kung Pao Chicken. I must admit it was not one of my favourites. It had a distinct unique taste that was alright but I didnt want to go back for seconds. Some may like this meal…not sure what spice created the different taste but…to each his own. Among the 4 of us we would rate this meal at 2.25/5.

Specs for all these products can be found at and search freeze dried productsimage.                   The Caribbean Black Beans and Rice were a hit with our group. The taste was wonderful and the servings very filling. I would suggest leaving the package for about 20 minutes before serving to allow the beans to fully rehydrate. Served beside stir fried veggies and fresh caught fish – perfect!

our group gave this product a 4/5 rating.

We also had Natural High’s Spicy Sausage and Pasta which was quite good as well. Our team gave this meal a 4/5 rating.

all in all we like the products and really appreciate the low sodium content.

There’s nothing better than a tasty meal and cup of coffee at the end of a paddle.


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