Samuel De Champlain Provincial Park — Photo Blog

There is quite a bit of content going up this week. But first a quick photo blog of our trip to Samuel De Champlain Provincial Park.


014 017 018

A Nice river ran next to our site. Everyone pulled fish out of the river this weekend. Bass & trout being most prevalent.

033 039 043

If you are looking for a place to bring the kids. This was a great park. Numerous play parks and a great assortment of trails. My kids had a blast at the day use beach.

044 049 077

The park is crawling with turtles! Painted turtles, the common snapping turtle and blandings turtles all call Samuel De Champlain PP home. Every log and rock sticking out of Moore lake had a turtle perched on it. The day use beaches were also covered in turtle egg shells. It was nice to see such a healthy population at the park.


127 078 130 079 135 136 137 095 140 153 096 115


Quite a few blogs to post this week. From tent reviews, to a discussion on bringing you mangy mutts into the woods.



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