Clydegale Lake Trip 2013


A few weeks ago we once again packed our bags and headed into Algonquin Park. This trip was to be a “fishing trip” so we opted for a shorter than normal route. We paddled out of Rock Lake, through Penn Lake and made our camp in Clydegale Lake.



We camped on an island which is marked as site “6”, or the furthest southern campsite. The site was great! Plenty of shelter from rain and wind. Lots of firewood,a couple great spots to fish from shore and a very tame red squirrel who loved my turkey stew.



We spent three nights on Clydegale. Filling our days with fishing , for the smallest perch in the world, hiking, paddling and blueberry picking.



Fresh blueberries in porridge in the morning cannot be beat.




We found a recently hatched loon egg at the far end of island and witnessed the hatchling and its mother touring around the lake quite a few times while we were there.




We finished up the trip with one night on Rock Lake. This was our only truly successful fishing day . Andy caught quite a few bass. Myself as always caught a variety of things including trees,rocks,sticks ect, ect.


Great time had by all hope you all enjoy the photos.




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