Grand River Photo Blog


I had the pleasure of taking a four and  half hour paddle down the Grand River last weekend. My daughter, wife and myself in our boat and my father,mother and a very excitable mutt named Jake in their boat joined us on this trip. We put in at just north of Bridgeport in Kitchener and took out at Freeport in Kitchener. Total time paddling was around four hours and as we stopped to have lunch and let Jake “do his business” on an island just past Bingemans.

The day started out grey,foggy and drizzly. Which soon turned to rain, which turned into a torrential downpour. I was most concerned that my daughter would call it quits once the drizzle turned into pouring rain. Luckily the donation of my large paddling hat was enough to satisfy her, and she continued pointing out all the ducks and herons along our journey.


Water levels were low in some parts forcing my wife and I out of the boat to wade through the water. I’d recommend water boots as the bottom of the river is full of loose stone which can do a real number on your ankles if you are not careful. The river is alive with all kinds of wildlife even though it sits in the middle of a city. The trees on the river bank block out the roads and houses and it’s only when you pass under one of the few bridges that you are forced to remember that this is a large city.


The river passes many parks and there are quite a few islands throughout it which make great resting areas and picnic sites.


We all decided that this should become a bi-monthly event. The size of the grand and the amount of parks and bridges around make putting in and taking out a breeze. So whether you are looking for a short hour long paddle or a six hour trek, the Grand River is an amazing area to paddle.


Next couple weeks has us doing a few overnight trips to parks across southern ontario, as well we will be hitting the backcountry soon. This is turning out to be a great paddling season!


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